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Fighting A Speeding Ticket – All The Facts

So, have you been charged with a speeding violation and not sure what to do about it? Every driver has to deal with a speeding traffic ticket at some point in their driving career. There are several reasons why people get speeding tickets.

Here, we discuss why you may have been charged with this violation and what to do about it. Meanwhile, it really makes sense to add the contact number of a reputed Traffic Attorney Petersburg VA to your iPhone (or Android), just in case, even if you haven’t been charged with a traffic violation as yet.

A majority of drivers find themselves speeding because of distractions such as texting while driving or daydreaming, and not keeping a watch on the speedometer. Although there are strict rules against using your cell phone while driving, many drivers do so, regardless.

But these are not the only reasons for speeding. There are many who speed for fun. Road racing is a popular sport across America and it is certain to get you into trouble with the law at some stage. Others hit the accelerator more than they should to get to their destination on time, after having been delayed for some reason.

Regardless of your reason for speeding, if you get caught, it can really hurt you. It’s very hard to get speeding tickets dismissed as the police usually have a print out from a radar gun of the speed at which you were travelling when the violation was committed.

But it is also possible that you were completely innocent of speeding, in which case you should hire a reputable Traffic Attorney Petersburg VA to fight your case in court. Most importantly- if you are going to deny speeding, never make an admission of guilt to the police and let your lawyer do all the talking. This is the best way to defend yourself and win the case, if at all it comes up in court.

If you truly believe that you did not commit any traffic violation and did not speed, then defense is your only option. Never pay a fine in this case, as only the guilt pay fines. Talk to your traffic attorney ASAP and find out if there are any ways to clear up the issue at the earliest. Not doing so could result in the suspension or even cancellation of your driving license.

One of the things individuals charged with a speeding ticket do is to reject all charges hoping that the ticketing officer does not appear in court. This is really surrendering yourself to chance if you adopt this approach, because if the ticketing officer does turn up, it would mean that you will be required to pay all the fines related to your violation and worse.

It is possible to get your charges reduced even if you cannot get your speeding ticket dismissed – especially if this is your first traffic violation. But you should be prepared to stand before a judge and jury and fight it out in the court. It’s certainly not going to be easy.

What you should do, and what’s in your control, is to be polite and respectful when stopped by a police officer for speeding. Never display any irritation, anger or aggression. The police really hate it when a driver shows hostility when stopped for a traffic violation. Stay relaxed and listen calmly as the officer talks to you, but never admit guilt or offer excuses.

The best way to fight a speeding ticket is to hire an attorney who specializes in traffic law. This gives you the best chance of putting up a convincing defense and getting your charges reduced, if not dismissed.

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